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Be creative. Be daring. Be unique. Be you.
Make a statement. Flaunt your style. Turn heads.
Start a trend. Lead when others follow.
Zig when others zag. Never be afraid to
let your fashion flag fly.

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- Manufacturing -

How our handcrafted goods are made

- Our Manufacturing Partner -

Two years. Three trips. Hundreds of hours on the road. It wasn’t easy finding the perfect partner, but we found one in Mr. Chang and his two sons, Wayne and Jacky. With over two decades of experience manufacturing bags in Dong Guan, China, their factory is known for partnering with some of the most recognizable luxury brands on the market.

- Materials -

The fabrics we source are an important part of what makes our bags different. Our sturdy 1680D polyester maintains the structure of bags through repeated use and is more durable than what you’d typically find in stores. But that doesn’t mean our fabrics can’t have flair: our denim and camouflage patterns provide a sense of playful swagger, and our pebble leather gives bags a touch of subtle character.

- Quality Control -

Each and every one of our bags goes through rigorous testing before they end up in your hands. Our machine tests the drop weight of the handles, the durability of the zipper pulls, and the strength of the seams. Rest assured, our bags won’t have trouble keeping up, no matter where you go.


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