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Quality Materials

- Quality Materials -

We're more than just reliable storage & timeless style

1680 Polyester

Our polyester is tougher than the rest. Most brands offer just the 600D. The 1680D, which is also our most popular material, boasts more than double the 600D's durability.

How reliable is the 1680D? It's strong enough to be used in both seat belts and Kevlar.

Cotton Canvas

Cotton canvas is the fabric of choice for heavy duty work clothes. If it's hardy enough for a sailor, it's sound enough for any demand from your lifestyle.

Tightly woven and relatively smooth, cotton canvas is both snag and tear-resistant.

600D Camouflage Polyester

Resilient 600D camouflage polyester always adds a robust touch to any bag.

Light but durable, 600D is the perfect material for the man who's always on the move.


Always sturdy, always stylish. Denim is an undisputed classic.

Virtually as tough as cotton canvas, it's a comfortable fit for any occassion.

Full Grain Pebbled Leather

Full grain is the best that money can buy. It's easily the most durable and waterproof of all the leathers. And it looks more distinguished with use.

Pebbled leather lends a distinctive air. It's a mature look for a grown-up's bag. Our leather handles are always double-layered, as single-layered handles fray and thin more easily.