Our Story

Most people have a closet full of bags. 

You have your sporty gym bag, that travel bag with all those little compartments, your small and simple overnight bag...the list goes on. Each bag serves a purpose and has a specific capacity. 

But we asked ourselves, "Isn't there a more efficient option? How can we cut down on the amount of bags while also maximizing the storage options?" That's when we came up with the concept for these modular duffel bags. 

Go ahead and clear out your closet. A single bag from Ampersand Goods Co. can take the form of a gym bag, a vacation bag, an overnight bag, whatever you need.

When designing our products, we prioritize: 


Our products are incredibly versatile. Add-on compartments and customizable straps allow a single bag to fill any role.


We expect that you'll be using your bag on a daily basis, so we don't cut corners when it comes to quality. From the durable leather exterior to the nickel-plated hardware, we make bags that are meant to last.


 Just because our products are adjustable and high in quality doesn't mean they have to be overpriced. We want our products to be as accessible as possible.