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Attention To Every Single Detail

Product Features:

The Classic


You can't go wrong with a classic color.

Show off a simple yet sharp style with this black duffel bag. Black is a good option when you want a bag that easily matches all of your other accessories while also giving off an air of mystery. You'll be flaunting some serious James Bond vibes.


The main compartment opens wide to accommodate your largest travel items. Whether you need to store your gym clothes or business attire, this space comes in handy and is easy to access.

There is a shoe compartment on the side of the bag - go ahead and fill it with your favorite pair of footwear. Or use it to store any other items you want to keep separate from the main compartment, such as ties or a cellphone charger.

Fasten each compartment closed with a zipper to keep all of your belongings safe as you stroll through town or the airport.


Two compartments aren't always enough — especially when your adventures will span several days. That's why this modular duffel bag features an add-on compartment. Fill the extra compartment with your accessories, and then zip it to the bottom of the bag. Five small feet on the bottom of this compartment allow the bag to rest evenly when placed on the ground.

When you don't need that additional storage space, remove the extra compartment to lighten your load. After removing this compartment, you have the option of attaching straps to the three hooks on the bottom of the bag and wearing it like a backpack.


Should you take a backpack or a duffel bag with you on your next trip? You don't have to decide between the two options. This bag can serve either role. Thanks to an adaptable system of straps, you can choose to carry or wear your bag in whatever way is most convenient.

Sling it over one shoulder when you want quick and easy access to your items. Wear it like a backpack when you're carrying a heavier load. When you're ready to give your shoulders a rest, you can simply rearrange the straps to turn the backpack into a duffel bag.


Mr. Chang and his two sons, Wayne and Jacky, crafted this bag for you in their Dongguan-based factory. Their list of partners includes well-known luxury brands. You can trust that these knowledgeable craftsmen put in the time and effort required to create a high-quality product.

The craftsmen aren't just skilled and experienced; they also work with quality materials such as genuine leather, 1680D polyester, and nickel-plated hardware.

A unique and adaptable design. Expert craftsmanship. High-quality materials. It's a recipe for success.


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