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Always Reliable,Always Moving




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Poised & Prepared


In a world of black and brown bags, a little blue is like a breath of fresh air.

No matter where you go, when you have a bag like this by your side, you can’t help but feel self-assured. A variety of adaptable features ensures you’re well equipped to navigate any challenge. Even when your schedule is hectic and the pressure is on, you can adjust the bag to suit your needs. This navy duffel bag is also the ideal color for anyone who's ready to take on the world without breaking a sweat.


Have a lot of items to bring along on your next trip? Keep your cool. This bag can handle it.

It features two main compartments to hold whatever items you'll need on your journey. The main compartment is _x_-inches, so open it up and store your largest accessories inside. On the side of the bag, you'll find an opening for the shoe compartment. You're free to store more than just shoes in this _x_- space. Toss in some gloves, earmuffs, and a scarf when your trip takes you to a winter wonderland.

Feel Comfortable, Look Effortless

It's easy to be confident when you're comfortable. This bag was designed with that idea in mind. The adjustable straps and handles let you carry or wear the duffel in a way that feels natural to you. Carry it in one hand. Wear it over your shoulder. Wear it over both shoulders. This bag makes moving your belongings an effortless task. You’ll have to provide the devil-may-care stride though

Easy Add-Ons

Attaching the optional straps is simple; just connect their clasps to the rings on the bottom of the duffel bag and you’re all set. But that’s not the only attachable feature this bag offers.

Some adventures are longer than others. And when you're on the road for days at a time, you'll want to bring along plenty of additional clothes and accessories. This duffel bag can carry the load, thanks to its _x_-inch add-on compartment. The compartment zips to the bottom of the bag, so you won't need to bring any other pieces of luggage along for the ride

Crafted by Experts

Wondering where our bags come from? We don't keep it a secret. Mr. Chang and his sons Wayne and Jacky manufacture them in their Dongguan-based factory. The family is skilled and experienced in creating quality products, so we trust them to get the job done right.


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