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Always Reliable,Always Moving




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Subtle & Charming


Take a good, long look at this bag. Its charm is in its subtly. The exterior is so dark that, unless you're in a fully lighted environment, it can be tricky to distinguish its color. The designer experimented with hundreds of options to get just the right shade of brown for this bag.

Once you get familiar with this bag, it's a dependable companion. Nothing too flashy. No drama. It has an unassuming presence. But underneath it all, it has plenty of hidden features. Ready to uncover those secrets?

The Secrets

What's this bag hiding under its dark leather exterior? Nothing but pleasant surprises. Unzip the main compartment to discover plenty of space for your most important belongings—books, clothes, sparring gear, whatever matters most.

Just below that, the bag has yet another compartment. This one is ideal for storing your shoes or smaller accessories. Both compartments are easy to access and easy to secure with a quick zip.

More Surprises

Just when you think you finally understand this espresso bag, you discover even more surprises below the surface. An attachable compartment provides additional space for your personal items. It zips to the bottom of the bag, so you still have easy access to it.

Remember that novel manuscript you were writing? Store it down here, and then work on it while you’re waiting to board your next flight. Go ahead and pack a few Ernest Hemingway books for a little inspiration too. You have plenty of room to work with now.

When you're keeping things to a minimum, zip the compartment off and travel light—but remember to finish writing that novel later!

Yes, There’s More

At this point, you’re probably expecting to discover more hidden features. This bag won’t disappoint you. This next secret is related to the bag’s system of straps and handles. You can snap the handles together in an upward position, so it’s easy to carry the bag from place to place. Or you can lay those handles down flat to make room for the add-on leather strap. After you attach the strap, you can either wear the bag over one shoulder or wear it over both shoulders, like a backpack.

Bringing the Concept to Life

Even though we had a novel concept for this adjustable duffel bag, we still needed a team of experienced manufacturers to put it all together for us. That's where Mr. Chang and his sons, Wayne and Jacky, come into the story. With the help of their manufacturing skills and resources, we're able to outfit you with the perfect bag for any journey. Each bag is crafted in their Dongguan-based factory.

Our products are also tested to ensure they can handle the demands of your constant travel habits. Thanks to the use of quality components, such as 1680D polyester and genuine leather, your bag will stand the test of time.


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