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Bold & Unique.


Usually camouflage is all about stealth. It's supposed to help the wearer blend in with their surroundings and keep a low-profile. But this duffel bag's design features a different kind of camouflage. The eye-catching print is anything but subtle. It's a bold bag with a swagger that's impossible to ignore.

If you're a risk-taker and love to be in the spotlight, this is the color option for you.

Not Like the Others

This camouflage bag is a little different from its brothers. Yes, it's still made of genuine leather. But we've also added on a top layer of print. That's where the crackled camouflage pattern comes from. Not only do the colors and design look intriguing, but each bag has a unique pattern. Over time, the print will wear and take on an even more distinctive look. It’s the ideal bag to express your individuality.

Embrace the Unpredictable

You missed your connecting flight, and now you're stuck in town for an extra day. You went on a shopping spree, and now your bag is a little too heavy to carry with one hand. Your shoes got wet during a downpour, and now you need another pair.

Life is unpredictable. But you're dynamic. You're adaptable. And so is this bag.

Quick Adjustments

The main compartment and the shoe compartment offer plenty of space. But the bag's adjustable features are the stars of the show.

Adjustable straps allow you to carry the load in different ways. Use two straps to wear the bag over both shoulders. Or zip the straps together to form a single shoulder strap.

An add-on compartment gives you more space to work with when you’re packing. You can zip the compartment to the bottom of the duffel bag, increasing its overall size. Use it to store whatever you want—extra clothes, some snacks, or maybe even that sketchpad you love to doodle in.


You scrolled all the way down here for an origin story? OK, we'll share the details behind this duffel bag’s creation.

First, we started with the right materials: genuine leather, nickel-plated hardware, 1680D polyester, all of the good stuff. Then, the manufacturers worked their magic. Mr. Chang and his sons put it all together in their Dongguan-based factory. The family is skilled, knowledgeable, and trusted by well-known luxury brands. Next, the bags are quality tested to ensure they're durable enough to serve our customers well. Everything from the handles to the zippers to the seams has to be up to par.

Finally, the bags get to fulfill their intended role: helping you travel with ease. What’s next in the story? You’re in charge of the narrative now.


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